1. Booking
    Book online or call Jodi. Tell us about the service you require, your preferred dates and times, and we will confirm costs and payment arrangements. We will provide a copy of our terms and conditions and a letter of engagement.
  2. Arrangements
    We are happy to contact the estate agent or owner on your behalf to arrange access to the property. We will then promptly contact you to confirm dates and times for the appointment and any other details.
  3. Inspection
    With arrangements and payment made, we will complete our inspection. This is our focused and professional service carried out with respect to the NZ standard for residential building inspections.
  4. Report
    You will receive your detailed report by email withing 24 hours, sometimes on the day of inspection. Your report will contain photos, explanations in a clear and concise format that you can read and digest with ease. Our commitment to service and professionalism is apparent in the quality and content
  5. Follow up
    Once you have had time to consider the report, we will discuss and explain the report findings in detail, and ensure clarity on any matters. Where the inspection reveals anything of concern we can advise on any necessary further investigations or remedial works and help you form an action plan.
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